Community Wellbeing through Poverty Alleviation

Scaling 2Gen Poverty Alleviation Efforts with the eTransX Wellbeing System

eTransX offers a comprehensive software platform to be deployed at the community/regional level to support the six core components of the Two Generation (2G) Poverty Model as shown in Figure 1:

2Gen Core Components

Key functions supported by the Wellbeing System to scale 2Gen Poverty programs include:

  • Automating family/household assessments to determine needs, dreams, and circumstances
  • Automating the building and management of personalized evidence based success pathways across the five stages of poverty alleviation: crisis intervention, family stabilization, job readiness (for job placement or starting a business), job placement/business launch, and job advancement/business growth
  • Utilizing phone apps for supporting engagement with a personal support network for the individuals and families being served
  • Offering a closed loop referral management system to engage service providers, training providers, and employers (job openings)
  • Offering a built-in data integration engine to automate interfacing with existing systems (including existing closed loop referral management systems and 211 systems) to share data in compliance with security and privacy standards
  • Capturing critical data for tracking results and generating reports and real time dashboards


In addition to supporting these 2Gen core functions, the eTransX Wellbeing system is also designed to coordinate with:

  • Efforts to support economic development and job creation
  • Efforts to improve family social capital and community belonging/connectedness
  • Efforts to address the “cliff effect” of losing key benefits as income increases
  • Efforts to address personal barriers to poverty alleviation such as substance use disorders and trauma/adverse childhood experiences


Economic Mobility and Self-Sufficiency


eTransX’ Wellbeing Care Community (WCC) system provides a unique community-based person-centric, cross-sector data sharing solution that helps community-based anchor or backbone organizations scale community initiatives to improve health, social, and economic outcomes.  WCC bridges silos by serving as a trusted community information exchange, coordinating the work of multiple organizations working across sectors “so that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.”  WCC results in improved outcomes for people and communities by using evidence-based best practices, reducing duplication of effort, and lowering operational costs.


WCC promotes economic mobility and self-sufficiency for individuals and families that are struggling to make ends meet.  It builds upon the unique needs, dreams, and strengths of individuals to develop career and wealth-building pathways that includes addressing the loss of benefits as incomes rise (cliff effect.)  WCC connects and engages mentors, coaches, and other personal support network members during the journey to empower personal success.  It also supports eligibility and coordination of wraparound services for basic needs.


This is all accomplished through the Community Wellbeing through Poverty Alleviation initiative.

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