Partners & Affiliations

Partners & Affiliations
eTransX is proud to partner with the following leaders in healthcare, behavioral health, economic prosperity, and individual and community wellbeing solutions.
eTransX Strategic Partners

Metaimpact is a new kind of global digital infrastructure enabling organizations to build purpose-driven impact networks to confront the world’s biggest problems. The Metaimpact solution enables impact networks to interconnect in any combination, enabling organizations, coalitions, and regional areas to work together to tackle the entangled, overlapping issues that contribute to the whole.

Indigenous Healthcare Advancements is a collective of people and resources aligned around the shared mission of advancing education and delivery of healthcare services for Indigenous peoples. With more than two decades of experience developing relationships with tribal leaders and healthcare experts, managing healthcare systems, and connecting traditional medicine with current healthcare practices, we support tribes in delivering innovative and trusted care in their communities.

Mobilizing leaders, investments, and joint ventures to advance scalable, sustainable solutions for abundant food, health and prosperity. Global Action Platform is a leading university-business alliance advancing scalable, sustainable solutions for abundant food, health, and prosperity. Global Action Platform works towards a world of abundance by informing and mobilizing leaders, investing in transformative businesses and projects, leveraging technology, and communicating globally.

Becky Haas is an international advocate, trainer, and organizational coach consultant for using a trauma informed approach based on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research, and the Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) research.  She is a pioneer in creating trauma informed communities.  The work she led in Northeast Tennessee was recognized by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2018 as a model for other cities to follow.

eTransX Affiliations

eTransX is a member of the Well Being in the Nation Network (WIN). The WIN Network is a growing strategic network working together to advance intergenerational well-being and equity, representing a diverse and growing group of stewards for change. These stewards include leading organizations across sectors, federal agencies, and pacesetter communities.

eTransX is a member of the Neighborhood Economics initiative.  The mission of the initiative is to repair local economies, create equitable opportunities, and build communities where everyone can prosper. The Neighborhood Economics initiative brings together diverse, energetic teams focused on creating breakthroughs in communities ready for change. The initiative members believe in a world where every community thrives, where the gap between privilege and potential is bridged, and where economic justice is not just a dream but a reality.

eTransX is a member of the National League of Cities Economic Mobility and Opportunity Peer Network Group. The National League of Cities Economic Mobility Peer Network (EMPN) help cities prioritize the economic mobility of families while communities rebuild after the devastating, inequitable economic impacts of the pandemic. NLC offers opportunities to connect with other cities and hear from leading experts on topics designed to help cities boost residents’ economic mobility using strategies grounded in equity.

eTransX is an active participant in the Aspen Institute Thrive Rural Development initiative that weaves together current rural innovation and tested approaches for a wide range of issues integral to achieving equitable rural prosperity that is both sustainable and durable. The Thrive Rural Development framework is directly informed by rural practitioners and researchers.

eTransX is an active member of the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence. Supported by SAMHSA, the Center exists to enhance the field of peer recovery support services. Led by those with lived experience, peer voice is at the core of their work and guides their mission.