XRunner – Enter Data Once

XRunner Enter Data Once
eTransX’ XRunner ADEL Process Brings Harmony to the Workplace

XRunner’s ADEL process allows organizations to TRULY “enter data once” and then orchestrates the movement of data between internal and external systems.

XRunner is a powerful new technology that eTransX has developed to help organizations finally share data seamlessly between internal and external web-based systems.  ADEL (Automated Data Exchange Liaison) is the process through which XRunner revolutionizes the way organizations share information with clients, vendors, and other partners.  Needing nothing more than user credentials, ADEL pushes and pulls data back and forth between the host platform and a myriad of other programs and systems, all the while maintaining data security and the access restrictions associated with the user credentials, including two-factor authentication (2FA) protocols.

Many organizations have the need to enter the same data into multiple systems as part of joint projects, billing/accounting obligations, and/or grant agency requirements.  Logging in to multiple systems and entering duplicate data manually is time-consuming, error-prone, and very inefficient.  When the traditional integration approach to solve this problem is unfeasible due to the exorbitant time, expense, or difficulty to accomplish, if it is even possible at all, XRunner ADEL is the solution.  XRunner completely eliminates the need for a traditional interface, and the lengthy process of engaging various vendors and administrators of partner systems, saving time and significant resources.

Users can enter data once into their primary platform, and then XRunner will replicate a user that would log in and push that data to other systems.  One of eTransX’ most skeptical clients was so impressed with how seamlessly XRunner’s ADEL process has replaced the need for duplicate manual data entry that they called XRunner “my favorite non-employee.”  XRunner’s ADEL is always humming along in the background, never taking vacation or sick days, or needing employee benefits!

XRunner ADEL is an enterprise solution that can also work in tune with eTransX’ HEMI (Healthcare Enterprise Messaging and Integration) engine to combine both traditional and innovative new integration solutions into a perfect symphony for data management.  For organizations in the healthcare and behavioral health field, eTransX solutions are fully HIPAA compliant and meet all 42 CFR Part 2 requirements, ensuring the utmost in data security and restricted access.

XRunner ADEL also works with programs such as program management portals, county and state government reporting dashboards, billing systems, public health departments – any web-based system.

The ADEL process is the key to finally unlocking the potential for organizations and communities to successfully manage all of their work in ONE system – reducing time spent on duplicate processes, saving money, and allowing managers and staff to focus on primary objectives instead of being bogged down redundant data entry tasks.

To learn more about how the XRunner ADEL can help your organization, please request a demo here!