WCC Community Impact

WCC Community Impact
Helping people and communities reach their full potentialone household, one community at a time.

The eTransX Wellbeing Care Community (WCC) system offers one of the most comprehensive, flexible platforms on the market today for improving community health and well-being outcomes.  The WCC system offers exceptional flexibility for configuring the system to meet the unique needs of a particular community/region whether it is an urban or rural region. 

The WCC system is designed to function on two levels – at the community level – coordinating collaboration with key community stakeholders (healthcare, social services, mental health, jobs programs, school systems, justice and law enforcement); and at the personal level – identifying specific needs of individuals and families and developing personalized success pathways to address those needs. This is the goal of the WCC Community impact initiative.

WCC Community Impact Family

Families, businesses, and communities all thrive when people enjoy good health, social and financial well-being, and the chance to make meaningful contributions to society. 


The WCC Community Impact Goal

To accomplish this vision, eTransX has focused on the work of the Wellbeing in the Nation Network that has defined specific well-being measures and vital conditions that are essential for helping people and communities reach their full potential in life. 

For more information on the Wellbeing in the Nation Network go to https://winnetwork.org/

The Wellbeing in the Nation Network has defined seven vital conditions for well-being that are shown in the diagram:

The Wellbeing in the Nation Network is also a supporter of the Thriving Together initiative that in 2020 developed a new guide and resource called: Thriving Together: A Springboard for Equitable Recovery and Resilience in Communities Across America.  The development of this guide was led by the Well Being Trust with input by leaders from more than 100 diverse organizations and communities.

This guide highlights scores of actions that communities, organizations, businesses, governments and funders can take to help secure the vital conditions that all people and places need to thrive (i.e., a thriving natural world, basic needs for health and safety, humane housing, meaningful work and wealth, lifelong learning, reliable transportation, and belonging and civic muscle – see the Vital Conditions of Well-being Diagram ).

The eTransX WCC system is designed to help communities implement the recommendations of the Thriving Together guide to improve well-being outcomes and resilience in communities across America. 

For more information on the Thriving Together Initiative go to www.thriving.us

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The eTransX Wellbeing Care Community system also aligns with the 2030 Healthy People Framework in addressing the Social Determinants of Health. For more information about Healthy People 2030 go to https://health.gov/healthypeople.