Addressing Substance Abuse

How the Wellbeing Care Community System Supports Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery

The Wellbeing Care Community platform unites community-based organizations, health, social services and more to address Community Care Coordination needs.

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One of the key focus areas for helping people and communities reach their full potential is addressing the opioid/substance abuse crisis that has hit an all-time high. It is a complex challenge that requires a systemic solution across three levels – prevention, treatment, and recovery (see Figure 1). By focusing on a person as a whole and creating individualized success pathways to include the underlying physical, social, and mental concerns leading to substance abuse, programs utilizing the Wellbeing Care Community are seeing drastically decreased rates of morbidity, relapse, and hospitalizations.

The eTransX Wellbeing Care Coordination system has built in modules, assessments, and success pathways to support a community wide coordinated approach for the prevention, treatment, and recovery from substance use disorders. Providing a single place for all medical, behavioral, and social service providers in an accountable and trackable environment is key to closing the loop on meeting client’s needs and insuring successful recovery.

A Shared Community-Based Wellbeing Coordination System

To help people and communities reach their full potential eTransX has developed a cloud based integrated system that connects key stakeholders at both the community level and the personal household level to capture and share actionable information and facilitate cross sector collaboration. The diagrams in this section illustrate how the eTransX Wellbeing Care Community system can be deployed at the community level, the neighborhood level, or at a regional level.

Figure 1: Solving Substance Abuse Will Take a Coordinated Community Effort