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Solving Complex Application Integration Challenges Since 1999

eTransX is a rapidly growing software and services company providing comprehensive application integration solutions that are helping to simplify the exchange of electronic healthcare data like never before. Many of the healthcare industry’s leading laboratories, hospitals and software vendors rely on eTransX to facilitate their application integration efforts. By using our solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of developing and monitoring interfaces businesses are able to overcome the connectivity problems afflicting the healthcare industry.

Our Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is to bring cost-effective and innovative solutions to client’s information challenges. Our goal is to provide a solution that seamlessly integrates information, process and technology. We bring value to client projects both in technology and in business knowledge. We remain focused and committed to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

"Prior to using eTransX, we were reliant on our LIS company to create interfaces…which took up to three months...Now with eTransX, we can realistically have an interface up and running within two weeks."

− Megan Dooley, Yosemite Pathology Medical Group

"eTransX helped us create a solution that other vendors said was not even possible. "

− Shannon Williams, Quorum Health Resources

"Prior to using eTransX it could take us months to create an interface…Now we can write an interface in a matter of days. "

− Bob Dowd, Pathology, Inc.

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