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Transition from data rich to information rich with eTransX. Connect across the entire community of care to create a more proactive, collaborative care environment.

eTransX Software Solutions

eTransX can help you create solutions not possible with other vendors!

New Solution to Scale Two Generation (2Gen) Family Wellbeing Programs

eTransX is offering a new solution for scaling 2Gen programs and initiatives to achieve better outcomes with less cost in time and effort.


Our Health Enterprise Messaging and Integration (HEMI) HL7 engine gives you the power to connect disparate systems speaking different languages. Save time and cost when it comes to streamlining workflows between your LIS, HIS, EMR, billing system, and more! Request a demo today!

Recovery Management Software

The Opioid Care Community is built to help organizations combine both medical and behavioral/social support for those dealing SUD and OUD issues. It is a complete and comprehensive solution designed to help unify entire communities in supporting recovery through healthcare and community technology solutions.

Wellbeing Care Community

The Wellbeing Care Community supports the broader physical, social, and economic health concerns of a population by uniting governmental organizations, non-profits, and other charitable organizations in a focused way to address both individual and communal needs using our Healthcare and Community Technology Solutions.


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