Health Information Exchange – XChange HIE Platform

Enabling Connected, Collaborative Care

Quickly connect existing systems and deliver meaningful interaction and secure collaboration between people and information, located both inside and outside your “four walls.”

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The Foundation for Information Exchange

XChange, a Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified (Click here to see the disclosure statement) Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution from eTransX, enhances care coordination efforts of subscribing healthcare providers through robust clinical data aggregation and the creation of longitudinal community health records. It’s built upon a reliable application integration infrastructure for an efficient and secure Health Information Exchange.

XChange’s greatest strength is its ability to effortlessly aggregate and share clinical data within facilities and across networks. It enables care providers to exchange health information as never before, empowering collaboration to create both healthier patients and healthier bottom lines.

Advantages of XChange
Semantic Harmonization

XChange aggregates and normalizes all clinical content into a single view – enabling providers across the spectrum of care to gain access to the information that can help them transform care. While other promise seamless integration, few can deliver like eTransX.

Longitudinal Patient Record

XChange supports informed care decision making through quick and easily access robust, data-rich longitudinal records, including continuity of care documents (CCDs), discharge summaries, pathology, radiology and lab results or reports, and more.

Modular Design

XChange’s modular system architecture enables you to select modules to best fit your needs. The modularized approach enables you to leverage past HIT investments and build towards the future. XChange is designed to be a best-of-breed system that plays well with others.


eTransX Health Information Exchange

eTransX’ Wellbeing Care Community (WCC) system provides a unique community-based person-centric, cross-sector data sharing solution that helps community-based anchor or backbone organizations scale community initiatives to improve health, social, and economic outcomes.  WCC bridges silos by serving as a trusted community information exchange, coordinating the work of multiple organizations working across sectors “so that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.”  WCC results in improved outcomes for people and communities by using evidence-based best practices, reducing duplication of effort, and lowering operational costs.

WCC allows providers to build and manage personalized success pathways to address the social determinants of health, preventative health, chronic disease management, and mental health.  This includes managing and tracking referrals and engaging with friends, family, community health workers, and other personal support network members.  WCC provides a broader and deeper focus that improves both short and long-term personal health outcomes.