Success for every customer… that’s our mission.

No matter how well a system is designed, if the end user does not understand how to capitalize on its benefits, it is not working. eTransX offers a professional services suite of training and support to ensure that your application integration is successful from the beginning and throughout the life of the products. From call-in customer support to on-site consulting, we want you to be able to use our products to their fullest extent so your organization can receive the most benefit.

Customer Support

When you have questions or need assistance with installation, configuration, or interface development, our support team is at your service. Call our center from 8am-5pm CST for normal support or 24/7 for premium support. All queries are handled in-house by our professional technicians to ensure you can easily get the answers you need right when you need them.


Develop your eTransX expertise through our eTX Certified Integration Engineer Program. We put the power of eTransX’ Enterprise Application Integration and Business Intelligence tools at your command. Through a three-day certification program, you and/or your employees will learn ways of using our powerful integration tools that will allow you to access its full potential, including achieving healthcare interoperability, converting HL7 to XML, integrating medical devices, and more. We also offer a discounted rate for every additional person you send from your organization.

Remote Development

Need assistance developing an interface? No problem. Our team of integration experts is here to help you in any capacity you need, from training and support to full interface development. We can jump onto your system to help directly with solving your interfacing needs. This provides help immediately to your staff as problems arise without having to schedule on-site visits or handle the expenses those trips incur.