Data Integration and Data Exchange

Helping People and Communities Thrive Using a Data-Driven Platform
Wellbeing Care Community helps individuals and communities reach their full potential one community, one person at a time through the sharing of actionable information and supporting cross sector collaboration. This is what makes the eTransX platform the best for helping people and communities thrive through strategic community partnerships.
How It Works

Data Integration and Data Exchange

Easily and Securely Share Data Between Systems

A proven data integration engine that is as flexible as your work demands

eTX HEMI supports a wide variety of data formats and healthcare standards including HL7(v2 and 3), CCD, CCR, EDI, X12, NCPDP, Excel, Word, PDF, XML, delimited files, Web Services, etc

With just user credentials, XRunner can search, retrieve, and send data between web-based systems

Eliminates duplicate data entry.

Push and pull data between systems while maintaining data security and the access restrictions associated with the user credentials, including two-factor authentication protocols.