Wellbeing Care Community – How It Works

How the Wellbeing Care Community System Supports Thriving People and Thriving Communities

The Wellbeing Care Community platform unites community-based organizations, health, social services and more to address Community Care Coordination needs.

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Wellbeing Care Community – How Does it Work?

To help people and communities reach their full potential, an integrated shared solution is  needed on two levels – at the community level and at the personal/household level. eTransX has developed a cloud based integrated system that connects key stakeholders at both the community level and the personal household level to capture and share actionable information and facilitate cross sector collaboration.

Wellbeing Care Community scales the impact of community improvement programs.

Instead of hundreds of community silos trying to do the best they can with limited ability to share data, Wellbeing Care Community provides a shared technology platform to scale community improvement efforts.

The Wellbeing Care Community platform is three systems in one.

The Wellbeing Care Community platform – the first of it’s kind in the nation – offers three core systems in one:  1) a community referral management system, 2) a community care coordination system, and 3) a community information exchange system. Wellbeing Care Community can also easily be interfaced and integrated with existing community systems using our proven data integration engine.

The Wellbeing Care Community solution works on two levels – the community level and the personal level.

Wellbeing Care Community is designed to work on multiple key levels and incorporate all key stakeholders in the process – at the community level and at the neighborhood/regional level.

At the Personal/Household Level:

At the Community/Neighborhood/Regional Level:

eTransX XRunner – Enter Data Once

When integration with other systems is necessary, the Wellbeing Care Community platform can utilize the eTransX XRunner technology – a new, simple and powerful integration tool allowing for the seamless sharing of data between existing systems, bypassing the traditional integration process.  Click here for more information on how the XRunner technology works.

Why choose the Wellbeing Care Community solution?

• Wellbeing Care Community is designed to address many of the common barriers communities face in helping people reach their full potential, including: 

  • Lack of consistent engagement with clients and client support team
  • Lack of follow-up on community referrals - "closing the loop"
  • Difficulty in interfacing with existing community systems to share data
  • Lack of consistency in applying proven best practices and protocols
  • Difficulty in supporting cross sector coordination - " the left had doesn't know what the right hand is doing"
  • Failure to capture and use actionable, timely data on outcomes

• The Wellbeing Care Community solution offers many benefits to the community and region that other solutions do not: 

  • Empowers Community Based Organizations with new tools
  • Expands the scale and capacity of communities to serve more clients
  • Improves the ability to integrate with existing community systems
  • Improves the quality of life of clients and families
  • Improves the attractiveness of the community at large
  • Captures better and more timely data for better decisions
  • Pays for itself with high ROI to the community
  • A proven technology platform available for implementation today

• eTransX – a proven, dedicated partner for your organization: 

  • A nimble, agile, innovative company
  • Over 22 years experience in data integration/care coordination
  • Extensive experience with complex care coordination, such as helping individuals and families with generational poverty and substance use disorders and social and emotional learning
  • Ability to bring solution partners to the table: poverty alleviation, substance use disorder, ACEs/trauma, workforce development, etc.