XRunner – Enter Data Once

Enter Data Once - A new way to seamlessly share data between existing systems, bypassing the traditional integration process

XRunner is a new, simple and powerful integration technology solution that eTransX has developed to help both healthcare and community organizations finally share data seamlessly between their respective systems using Wellbeing Care Community (WCC) system as the secure facilitator of reliable data sharing between organizational systems.

Many organizations have the need to enter the same data into multiple systems as part of joint projects and/or grant agency requirements, making that process time-consuming, error-prone and very inefficient.  The traditional integration approach to solve this problem is a very expensive interface that takes lot of time and intensive coordination between vendors of various systems.  XRunner totally eliminates the need for that expensive interface and the need to engage various vendors of the system, saving significant resources and time.

Users can enter data once in WCC related to their clients’ demographics, concerns, conditions, program metrics and their case management details including all the reportable items to government and granting agency systems, and then XRunner will integrate that data to the respective systems.  Needing nothing more than user credentials, our XRunner solution can be trained to push and pull data back and forth between WCC and a myriad of other programs and systems, all the while maintaining data security and the access restrictions associated with the user credentials.

This works with programs such as poverty management portals, county and state government reporting dashboards, billing systems, health departments – any system that uses a username and password to log in to enter data.

XRunner is the key to finally unlocking the potential for organizations and communities to successfully manage their work collaboratively in one system, reducing time and saving money and allowing them to focus solely on helping people and families reach their full potential to live happier, healthier lives!