Opioid Care Community

Opioid Care Coordination Software

Opioid Care Community, from eTransX, enables care team collaboration and increased patient adherence that drive improved outcomes for those battling opioid or heroin use disorders.

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Supporting a Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Substance Use Disorders at the Community Level

The opioid epidemic has devastated communities, has impacted employer productivity, and has cost thousands of lives.  The COVID-19 crisis has led to significant increases in substance use disorders and overdose deaths.

To address these challenges, eTransX offers a comprehensive community-based software solution – the first of its kind in the nation to help communities address the substance use disorder crisis.

Opioid Care Community is already in use in multiple communities and states, saving lives across the country.  Having the OCC solution as the operational system for the core of your work shows that you are using a proven system that provides robust data tracking and reporting requirements to meet and exceed grants requirements

The OCC system is a cloud-based system designed to be deployed on two levels – the community level – coordinating a community wide response, and the personal level – coordinating responses at the individual and family level.