XChange HIE Platform Features

Where Collaborative Care Begins


XChange HIE Platform Features

The XChange HIE Platform features a streamline process that can manage data acquisition, aggregation and harmonization across the continuum of care. Create comprehensive longitudinal patient records to support clinical decision making and care coordination.

XChange HIE Platform Features – Secure Communications

All communications between eTX Stream and eTX HEMI are completed via HIPAA-compliant, encrypted (128-bit), SSL transactions.

Internet transmission methods are continually improving in order to provide the best security measures possible. Sending and receiving patient data is an extremely critical area for secure transmissions and we are diligent in providing current methodologies. All communications between eTX Stream and eTX HEMI are completed via HIPAA-compliant, encrypted (128-bit), SSL transactions. To insure maximum security, there is no live connection to eTX Stream from eTX HEMI or any other external system until a file is to be sent to the eTX Stream and a secure connection is then completed. You can be confident that there is no breach in your system or in patient security.

XChange HIE Platform Features – Clinical Data Repository

Store all clinical transactions in one place

The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) supports critical requirements for data aggregation and improved data quality. It stores the all the clinical data transactions that come through an HIE and provides a comprehensive patient-centric view of all clinical data available, from a variety of internal and external sources, at the point of care.

Code Reference

eTXCodeReference System is an information lookup and translation system used during the integration of systems. This system provides a mechanism to populate, manage and administrator reference code lookups and translations such as ICD-9 to ICD-10, CCR/CCD TemplateIDs, Test Procedures and result codes.

XChange HIE Platform Features – Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)

Uniquely identify and match each patient record

eTXChange’s EMPI enables HIE members to cross-reference patient identifiers across multiple clinical systems using probabilistic and deterministic matching processes. The EMPI uniquely identifies and matches each patient record, performs global patient searches and consolidates duplicate patient records.

XChange HIE Platform Features – High Performance Integration Engine

Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of building interfaces

H7 Integration Engine

eTX HEMI (Healthcare Enterprise Messaging and Integration), the core integration engine component of eTXChange, aggregates and normalizes clinical content into the Clinical Data Repository, clarifying disparate codes and vocabularies used inside each system. Its configuration driven, no programming approach enables HIEs to integrate applications in days—rather than months.

XChange HIE Platform Features – eTX Direct

Securely send electronic messages

eTX Direct offers a simple, secure, scalable, standards-based way for caregivers and patients alike to send and receive authenticated, encrypted health information over the Internet. Now physicians can send and receive care summaries, patient consultation reports, and discharge summaries with ease.

Physician Portal

View patient records anywhere, any time

Remote Development eTransX

The Physician Portal offers caregivers a longitudinal view of the patient’s medical record. Providers use this secure, web-based clinical application to facilitate clinical decision-making and reduce duplicate testing. Its comprehensive provider registry gives clinicians a single, composite view of relevant information to facilitate the referral process.