XChange HIE Industry Solutions

Health Information Exchanges

XChange affords Health Information Exchanges (HIE) the ability to coordinate care across acute and ambulatory settings—streamlining workflows and creating longitudinal patient records to ensure that providers have a complete history to made informed decisions.

XChange leverages the eTX HEMI integration engine to connect disparate systems, aggregate and harmonize data. While other systems promise seamless connectivity, XChange actually delivers on this promise. With the XChange platform, HIEs can manage all aspects of the process, from data integration and accessibility to patient identity and consent/privacy rules.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Whether your health system is looking to offer greater care coordination or simply trying to meet Meaningful Use objectives, eTXChange is a great. XChange enables you to create a master patient record, which gives providers the key insights they need to improve clinical decision making, identify gaps in care, create seamless care coordination, eliminate wasteful spending and, most importantly, improve patient experiences and outcomes.


For Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN) eTXChange delivers the connectivity and insights needed to improve clinical outcomes and drive cost containment.