Hemi HL7 Interface Engine Features

High Performance Interface Engine

  HEMI HL7 Interface Engine Features

The eTransX integration engine serves the full life cycle of your company’s data — taking your company from data rich to information rich! The HEMI Engine provides everything you need to build, test, deploy and monitor any type of healthcare interface – all in a single platform with no programming required.

Hemi HL7 Engine Features – Drag and Drop Configuration

Configure an interface without writing a single line of code

No Programming Required

A major part of the appeal of eTX HEMI is that it does not require programming skills to develop an interface. While many others have tried and failed, eTransX has succeeded in creating a fully configuration driven system using drag and drop capabilities. In fact, you can develop complex interfaces without writing a single line of code.

Hemi HL7 Engine Features – More than HL7

IHE, CCD, and more…

H7 Integration Engine
Integrate Anything in Any Language

You need an integration solution that is as flexible as your work demands. eTX HEMI supports a wide variety of data formats and healthcare standards including HL7 (v 2 and 3), CCD, CCR, any database with an ODBC connection, EDI, X12, NCPDP, Excel, Word, PDF, XML, delimited files, Web Services, etc.

Hemi HL7 Engine Features – Rapid Interface Development

Cut interface development time by 90% or more

Pre-Built Interface Library

What if you could build an interface in a matter of a few hours? Impossible? Maybe for some of our competitors, but with eTransX’ Rapid Interface Development you can reduce interface build time by 90% or more using innovations like our comprehensive pre-built interface library, auto mapping tool, configuration driven approach, and the ability to reuse an already configured interface just by copying and changing the end point information.

Hemi HL7 Engine Features – Remote Monitoring

Monitor the engine, check for error conditions, and resend messages from anywhere.

Manage your interfaces anytime, anywhere

In the dynamic healthcare industry, work can’t wait until you’re back at the office and in front of your computer. When you use the eTX HEMI web-based administrative portal, you can configure and monitor your interfaces no matter where you are, no matter the time. Plus, eTX HEMI is iPad compatible, adding to its widespread versatility.

Hemi HL7 Engine Features – Advanced Notifications

Know what is happening at all times

Configure Custom Notifications

Let the right people know when critical issues arise using alert policies to send email or push notifications.

Hemi HL7 Engine Features – Eliminate VPNs

XStream makes communications so much easier!

Simplify Communications

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) may be fine for some applications in some environments, but not in the dynamic healthcare field. There is no time for the unreliability inherent in so many VPNs. Working in conjunction with eTX HEMI, eTX Stream utilizes a secure online connection to transmit vital patient information. Plus, there is no need to set up a VPN for two-party communications, which can be a cumbersome process. eTX Stream removes all communication impediments to provide the right information, in real-time.

The HEMI HL7 Interface Engine Features is an invaluable set of tools that can significantly contribute to the overall success of any organization.

“eTransX helped us create a solution that other vendors said was not even possible.”