eTransX Training
A Software Engineering Course can Boost you into an Array of Software Engineering Jobs

Historically, the top-tier EAI vendors have conditioned the market to believe that integration projects should cost millions of dollars and take many months or years to implement. Combine that with a new industry buzzword appearing almost daily, and it’s no wonder that otherwise-competent IT managers have shied away from integration.

To remedy this misconception, we introduce to you the eTX Certified Integration Engineer Program (eTXCIE). The curriculum of this three-day certification program focuses on the principles defined in the Integration Consortium’s I-BOK (Integration Body of Knowledge), as well as certification on our software. We know that once you’re educated with these industry-standard best practices and methodologies, combined with the knowledge of using our deceptively simple, yet incredibly powerful integration technologies, you will truly have new understanding of what’s possible.

With the new eTXCIE, we put the power of eTransX’s Enterprise Application Integration and Business Intelligence tools at your command to complete any integration project that you can dream up – in weeks, not months.