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Value-based Care Platform

XCare Community transforms traditional episodic-based care management into a proactive, collaborative care environment that can support value-based healthcare initiatives.

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Transition to Value-based Care

As the U.S. health care system moves away from a volume-based reimbursement model to a more patient-centric, outcomes driven care delivery model, chronic care management software solutions that support a more collaborative and transparent care environment are becoming an operational necessity.

XCare Community (XCC) is a value-based chronic care management software platform that transforms traditional episodic-based care management into a proactive, collaborative care environment. Through its robust feature offerings and unified application design, XCare Community unlocks patient and population insights to lower costs and transform the way care is delivered.

Beyond improving health outcomes, XCare Community provides value for clients by becoming a force multiplier for staff in simplifying workflows and reducing data entry.  Additionally, XCC has unique features to help maximize monthly billables and ensure proper reimbursement for work completed.  Let XCare Community help boost your company’s productivity and income!  Click here to request a demo.

To learn more about the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidelines for Chronic Care Management Services, please visit

Health Care Transformation
  • Episodic sick care focus
  • Lack of integrated care
  • Lack of quality transparency
  • Poorly coordinated chronic care management
  • Patient/Person centered
  • Transparent Quality
  • Integrated information technology (e.g. HIE)
  • Shared financial risk (ACOs, bundled pay)
  • Patient Centered Medical homes
  • Community health integrated networks
  • Population health management
  • Mobile eHealth and Telehealth capable
  • Addressing social, mental, behavioral, economic, and long term care needs
Why Select a Unified Platform?



Why have four different applications to manage your patient populations — and for that matter, four different passwords to remember? With XCare Community, your entire population health and care coordination arsenal is in one place.



Because everything is integrated, each component goes further. Analytics goes beyond finding gaps in care. Patient engagement tools give you more than emails. Integration means everything is more powerful.



With XCare Community your entire Population Health IT platform is fully supported from one place. You won’t have to call four vendors or worry about playing the blame game. One partner. Fast, seamless support.

Value-based Healthcare 3.0 IT Ecosystem

A Platform to Enable Value-base Care
As payers and providers lead the transition from volume to value, there is a heightened focus on cost efficiency and quality of care. The value-based healthcare model is predicated on collaboration. A collaborative approach offers several advantages such as providing greater access to patient data and analytics, potentially leading to interventions that can further improve patient care and reduce costs. Collaboration can also drive deeper and more entrenched relationships across the ecosystem, and even create potential for sharing in new value streams such as shared savings.

The Healthcare 3.0 Ecosystem requires a platform that can aggregate and harmonize data from all sources and feed it to a series of applications and systems used across all stakeholders. Effective collaboration only works if information and insights are shared with the right person at the right time. A healthcare 3.0 ecosystem is not about big data, it’s about smart data and the XCare Community was built from the ground up to turn data into insights and help the transition to value.

Population Health Components
Care Coordination

The Care Coordination module integrates workflows care across multiple settings, while enabling the identification, stratification and engagement of patient populations and high-risk members. The XCare Community system is designed to an individual’s “whole person” needs which includes integration with community social service organizations to help address a patient’s social, economic, behavioral, isolation, and psychological issues.

Clinical Integration

For over a decade, eTransX has set the standard when it comes to clinical integration. By aggregating, harmonizing and organizing clinical, financial and operational data across an integrated delivery network, the XCare Community enables a patient-centered, collaborative environment that delivers a shared, single view of referential and interventional patient data in real-time at the point of care.


XCare Community transforms data into actionable insights. By leveraging complete, reliable clinical and cost information, healthcare organizations can successfully prioritize patient care, identify actionable opportunities for health improvement and quantify the potential impact of care management and health education interventions.