Clinical Integration

Healthcare Connectivity Made Easy

For over a decade, eTransX has been an industry leader in clinical integration. Our HEMI integration engine, a core component of the XCare Community XCare Community, is used by countless healthcare organizations to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of connecting disparate healthcare system.

Rules Engine

Automate important tasks, from notifications to tasks and more.

XCare Community is more than a “data dashboard”.  As a complete care management platform, it enables health networks to coordinate patient care across multiple settings.  By supporting seamless connectivity between hospitals, clinics and individual physicians, Care Community enables clinicians to develop intelligent workflows that identify the most at-risk patients, implement effective and immediate interventions, and measure their performance and financial outcomes.

Core Integration Engine

Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of building interfaces

Rapid Interface Development

What if you could build an interface in a matter of a few hours? Impossible? Maybe for some of our competitors, but with eTransX’ Rapid Interface Development you can reduce interface build time by 90% or more using innovations like our comprehensive pre-built interface library, auto mapping tool, configuration driven approach, and the ability to reuse an already configured interface just by copying and changing the end point information.