Transforming Care Through Data

XCare Community transforms data into actionable insights. By leveraging complete, reliable clinical and cost information, healthcare organizations can successfully prioritize patient care, identify actionable opportunities for health improvement and quantify the potential impact of care management and health education interventions.

Advanced Analytics

The key insights needed to lower cost and improve care

Three Levels of Advanced Analytics

Advanced data analytics and data-driven intervention offer the key insights needed to improve care and lower costs. XCare Community enables health systems to aggregate and harmonize large datasets and then turns this data into insights, insights that can help identify gaps in care, measure quality, enhance documentation, and facilitate the assessment process.

XCare Community accomplishes this feat through incorporating three levels of advanced analytics – descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive.

Note: Most population health analytics systems on the market today do not include prescriptive analytics.

Descriptive Analytics:

Descriptive analytics looks at past performance and understands that performance by mining historical data to look for the reasons behind past success or failure. Almost all management reporting within healthcare (such as quality, clinical, administrative, operations, and finance) uses this type of retrospective  analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics takes the descriptive historic performance data and then applies rules, algorithms, and occasionally external data to determine the probable future outcome of an event or a likelihood of a future situation occurring.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics goes beyond predicting future outcomes by also suggesting actions to alert the decision maker as to what actions need to be taken to manage a future outcome (such as with a patient).

Care Gap Analysis

Stratify populations, identify gaps in care and deliver personalize care plans

XCare Community offers embedded clinical analytics to stratify the population risk, identify gaps in care and deliver personalize care plans.  Easily identify high-cost, high-risk patients and help care coordinators and providers create better care plans using closed-loop analytics.

Clinical Decision Support

Gain added insights to help improve patient treatment

XCare Community leverages a library of evidence-based medical knowledge to provide clinicians with real-time patient and population assessment at the point of care, as well as offer hospitals, ACOs and providers solutions for risk stratification and cost reduction.

Real-time Dashboards

Build custom dashboards to better manage your populations

Easily create clinical quality dashboards and population health data visualizations by zip code and region, analyze local results vs. national health trends.  Use the cost utilization dashboard to gain insights into the total spent across all episodes of care.

Manage Quality Measures

Know where you stand on each quality measure

Track, monitor and report on organization quality performance metrics, analyzing performance from various perspectives. Monitor quality measures to ensure ACO success, drill down to find areas of improvement, and even perform predictive analytics to improve quality moving forward.